Blog 3.3 - It's My Life?

Who makes your decisions for you?  You might say that you do.  Tristan Harris would say you do not.

Whoever is right, the facts and science are clear: those who make the technology have a plan and an agenda.  So, for this blog, write a dialogical reflection (an internal dialogue) that interacts between your voice and his.  Start the conversation with the line, “So, maybe he’s right . . .” then interact with his voice and its implications; in other words, if he is right, how does that impact you?  Maybe you agree, and you want to build his case for him.  Maybe you disagree, and you want to take him on.  One way or the other, imagine you are showing us what is happening in your head.


So, maybe he’s right that _______________________________.  If so, that means ____________________, but what about __________________.  Sure, ____________________________, and it could be that __________________________.  However , __________________________

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