Blog 3.13 - What’s Wrong Here?


Thinking in Reverse

Satire tells a ridiculous story as if it is straight news.  Advertising turns straight news into something ridiculous — pretending that it is straight.  Watch this scene from a new BBC Comedy, “Rev” (it’s Satire, in case you cannot tell).  The background goes like this: 

Reverend Adam Smallbone, a jaded, borderline alcoholic priest is at the end of his rope.  He has just been moved from his country parish to an inner-city London church that has seen its better days.  In this scene, hipster-church pastor, Darren, has his eyes set on overtaking Adam’s church for his own, cool, hip, congregation.

After watching the video, look over this list of different advertising techniques and translate each pastor’s position into a 100-word advertising pitch using one of the techniques.  To be sure: this is a pastor speaking in favor of his position (neither of them lays out their position, btw, so you have to pay attention).

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