Blog 1.3 — Decision Making (Cause and Effect)

Modern high speed train

     Over the course of the year, we will be studying decision-making, using different scenarios and thinking about different methods to approach problems.  

     Last week, you were given an ethical dilemma:

     You’re standing on a street corner and a pregnant mother and her three children hit a train overpass.  The family’s life is in jeopardy, but so also are the people on the train (a group of school children headed to the museum for the day).  On either corner of the train there are two buildings who are doomed if the train, which is destined to be derailed, crashes.  One building is the Town Hall and is filled with community leaders (politicians, mothers, fathers, youth program leaders).  The other is a research hospital for the elderly, filled with the town’s most accomplished geriatric doctors and nurses.  You have the ability to save one of the four: the family, the train, the town hall, or the hospital.  

Here is your Assignment:

1. Examine the They Say/I Say Templates (specifically Introducing Your Point of View).

2. Consider why you are choosing what you are choosing, and consider why others might think differently.

3. Write an OCI Paragraph

    Write a paragraph that takes in all the relevant details, considers the options setting before you, and rationalizes your decision.  In the paragraph, consider some of your own biases (need to mention at least one), and in the middle section of your paragraph, write using at least two of the different modes discussed in class today.  Most importantly: tell how your decision would effect the team, considering all the factors involved.  Write in fashion we discussed in class (should be about 8-9 sentences). 

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