Blog 2.6 - Minding the Gap Introduction

Writer's Block IV

Minding the Gap Intro

Acts of Inquiry, University of Washington, 2013

" . . . the writer calls attention to the writer's gap in research of an issue, and then uses the rest of the essay to fill in the gap."

Watch Your Step

     If you want to tear someone to pieces, here's a good place to start.  It requires you to understand a few things about fallacies, but, if you want to poke someone in the eye the Minding the Gap Intro will get you there.

     As with the Paradoxical Introduction, you better know your stuff, and you better be ready to pile it on.  If you are going to stand toe-to-toe with someone, you have to be able to do a quick Rhetorical Analysis (S-P-A-C-E), assess their major appeal (Ethos, Logos, Pathos), and respond appropriately.  As a general rule:

Argue Logos with Pathos/Ethos

Argue Pathos with Logos/Ethos

Argue Ethos with Logos


1) View any (or all) of the following videos

2) Read this rant and respond below

3) This will require you, probably, to use logic more than research

         -- If you don't agree, don't try and match the article rant for rant

         --If you do agree, to look for inconsistencies in the argument

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