Name that Ad

Take Off The Mask Welcome to my favorite site in the world, TV Tropes.  A trope is simply “a familiar device.”  The thing is, most familiar things don’t get recognized, which becomes a problem when you are dealing with advertisers. This is a small research response.  Watch this commercial above, then click on the TV Tropes site and …

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Literary Periods and Poems

Below are abbreviated definitions of the literary periods we have studied. The explanations here give insight into political, historical, cultural, and literary traditions of the times. Accompanying the explanation is a poem that embodies the spirit of the age. As an exercise, you may want to read the background and see if you can annotate …

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Paradoxical Introduction

And Another Thing . . .       This might be your most powerful argumentative Introduction because it establishes your credibility (Ethos) early on.  Most people don’t speak unless they know something (unfortunately, too many do), so having an opinion that runs contrary to popular opinion becomes a powerful tool to engage the reader.  They …

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The Seven Basic Plots

I. A. Overcoming the Monster B. Basic Format Superhuman “evil” exists that must be eliminated Form of giant or witch Form of ravaging animal Could take the form of both Threatens the general peace of town village or world Reward may be great prizes Reward may be a princess Hero must confront the Monster Generally …

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English 131 Syllabus

FALL SEMESTERUW_THOMAS@ICLOUD.COM University of Washington 131UW in the High School – Lynden Christian School Mr. ThomasFall Semester UW IN THE HIGH SCHOOL COURSE SYLLABUS, “1 FALL SEMESTERUW_THOMAS@ICLOUD.COM UW 131: Course OverviewEnglish 131 (from UW EWP Website) As gateways to academic reading, research, and writing at the University of Washington, all ExpositoryWriting Program (EWP) courses are …

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Heroes and VillainsThe Generic HeroThe generic Hero is the protagonist or main character of most stories, although stories may also have multiple heroes in them (forexample Lord of the Rings). The Hero is important in that we identify with him or her more strongly than with other character. We thus vicariouslyexperience what the hero goes …

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Teacher: Mr. Thomas Course: AP English Literature and Composition Study Aides: 3-C’s, Rhetorical Journal, Poetry Annotation, DialecticalJournal Date: First Semester AP ENGLISH STUDY GUIDE This packet contains all the informationrequired for the assignments required inyour Final Portfolio. It gives instruction andexamples for assignments you will beexpected to do. In addition, it provides theterms you will …

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SPARKNOTESTODAY’S MOST POPULAR STUDY GUIDES HamletWilliam Shakespeare SMARTER BETTER FASTER Contributors: Brian Phillips, Jeremy Zorn, Julie BlattbergCopyright (c) 2001 by SparkNotes LLCAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the Publisher.SPARKNOTES is a registered trademark of SparkNotes LLC.This edition published by …

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by Isabel Allende Copyright © 1989 by Isabel Allende She went by the name of Belisa Crepusculario, not because she had been baptized with that name or given it by her mother, but because she herself had searched until she found the poetry of “beauty” and “twilight” and cloaked herself in it. She made her …

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UW in the Classroom

Write a conversational, Deductive Response Paragraph, written from ther perspective of a trickster, giving the reasons for each perspective all three voices. The voices should be in conversation with the Trickser: “Oh, Changez would say . . . That’s not like _____________, he/she would might argue . . .”