LC English Lab

     In the movie Big Fish, Will accuses his dad of telling “elaborate myths” about who he was and what he had done in the past.  These “myths”, however, turn out to be true (in a sense), and they ultimately become the stories Will tells to his own children.

    These “myths” are the focus of the movie, and they reveal some of the revealing assumptions about who we want to be, and, when we can’t become them, we give those traits to our fictional heroes.  In the case of Big Fish, one of these myths is the concept of destiny.  Edward Bloom, when leaving Specter, Alabama says something interesting as the gets trapped in a dark forest: “Armed with a vision of my own death,” he says, he was equipped to face his enemies.  This notion of having a destiny plays out in all sorts of our modern stories — Matrix, Star Wars — and acts as a shield to consequences.  

     For today, read the following article (up to the line “…you can find ANSWERS out of it”).  Then, make an argument (a topic sentence), write a compare-contrast deductive response.  In the response, you should define faith, define destiny, and use supporting details from the article, the movie, and your experience that explains which (faith or destiny) makes more sense.

   Note: deductive response is not just a response; it has specific details and should be a certain length (make sure you know what is expected — read the link that explains it).