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The Wanderer (Looking for Enlightenment)

     Washington Irving wrote about New York City’s elite, The Knickerbocker.  Ironically, he wrote making fun of them, but, enamored with their own importance, the people of New York City ate it up.  

     This story, Rip Van Winkle, shows two worlds crashing into each other: the old Hudson Valley, filled with farmers, and the new Hudson Valley, filled with farmers.  Because of their familiarity with their surroundings, however, these farmers have become a sort of backwoods elite — in literary terms, Grotesques (people consumed with themselves beyond all else).

     Using Invective (forceful tone) and two different literary devices from your Literary Devices handbook (Capitalized), tell me what this story tells you about The Innocents and The Wanderer.  

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