LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

The movie Braveheart is a Quest filled with heroes and villains.  Within the story plenty of people act heroically: Wallace, the Irishman, Hamish, The Queen.  Of all that you saw in the movie, which of these characters best embodies what you consider to be heroic qualities, and why?

Write a Deductive Response answering the following question: 

“What one character acts heroically in the movie Braveheart, what characteristic is most admirable, and how would this characteristic impact Lynden Christian School if people were to adapt it for their own?”

    With this Deductive Response, you should attend to the following structure:

  1. Topic Sentence – summarily answer the question
  2. Evidence #1 – concrete example from movie
  3. Deduction – Cause and Effect statement: how does example impact story?
  4. Evidence #2 – concrete example from movie
  5. Deduction — Application about the characteristic’s power
  6. Evidence #3 – concrete example from movie
  7. Deduction — Explore possibilities of characteristic in real-life setting
  8. Dialectical Statement — How could this heroic quality teach the world, at large?
  9. Hook and Transition Statement – Summarize and leave open-ended statement in readers mind.