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Just a Pawn:

By the time the Interno was written, the political and religious history of Europe had been set:

At the point that the higher levels of the list are in place, the lower levels will either 1) long to climb the ladder, or 2) be angry at the injustice of the leaders.  Dante was somewhere in the middle; he was from a Noble family, he was granted some political privilege, but, after the death of his wife, his life became self-absorbed, and he became a critic of his culture.  

For this response, think about yourself in this situation, think about the people Dante has met so far on his journey, and answer the following prompt (in the form of a Deductive Response Paragraph):

Remembering who Dante is (a sad poet who was once a politician), why do you think he chose to write about the people he has met on his journey so far?