LC English Lab

     Below you will see the plotline for the movie Collateral.  Personally, though the movie is exciting and fun to watch, I’m not sure the plot really cuts it.  For this assignment, you need to do two things:

1. REWRITE OUTLINE: according to Collateral

I.               Rebirth

     I.               Three Stages

           a.     The Curse

                            i.     Main character inhabits dark, threatening force

                           ii.     Main character given omen to overcome

                         iii.     Dark force counteracted by “light” 

           b.     Protection Stage

                               i.     Light figures protect against dark forces

                              ii.     Main figure grows in innocence of curse

                            iii.     Dark Prophecy comes true

           c.     The Re-birth Stage

                           i.     Dark, impenetrable forces maintain oath

                           ii.     Hero lives in wintery state until helper comes along

                          iii.     Light promise takes effect/changes Main Character

II.              Basic Sequence

                     a.     Young hero falls under shadow of dark power

                     b.     All goes well; threat seems to be defeated

                     c.     Heroes find imprisoned in dark, wintery state

                     d.     Dark power seems triumphant

                     e.     Miraculous redemption 


     From the Movie Reviewer box above, click two links:

  • Review Writing Flowchart
  • Another Link

     Then write a review of the movie Collateral.  Your review should tell a reader what’s to like, what’s to dislike, and whether it is worth the viewer’s time.