LC English Lab


1) Read Construction of Illusion

              * Read the first three Sections (to establish definition)

              * Then choose three others (because it’s long and difficult)

2) Read the Definition of Claims (Above) 

3) In Box Below 

                * Write out three specific claims Ramamurthy makes – Exact Quotations

                * Demonstrated with contemporary example (using Rhetorical Modes)

                * Evaluate using cause and effect


Ramamurty says “Commodities are in fact objects — often inert — that have been imbued with all kinds of social characterstics in the marketplace.” Take, for example, shoes; research and the personal testimony of runners says Asics are the most anatomically engineered shoes, yet, outside of running, people will take the more familiar, inferior pair of Nikes.  Ramamurty understands that image is everything, and he knows people will follow images rather than research.