LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

You’ve written a paragraph about one painting, now let’s look at another — using the OPTIC Journal to track your thoughts.  Hopefully, a close look at this painting reveals some of the artist’s assumptions.  Whether in words or pictures, a story is a story.  This painting above tells a story; it’s color, it’s tone, it’s characters are all working together to give you an impression.  What is that impression?

        After you have looked the painting over, write a comparative OCI Paragraph in relation to Crossing the Delaware.  As you write, follow  the pattern below (using the Rhetorical Modes).  For an example for a OCI Paragraph, click here for Paragraph Writing Samples to make your paragraph more fluid, take a look at AP Language Stems and this Topic Sentence Cheat Sheet.

Observation: Conclusion from OPTIC

Description of Scene (from Signers)

Example (from Parts Section)

Comparison-Contrast (between two paintings)

Interpretation: Connection between Assumptions and Human Condition

    Before writing, complete Exercise 2 of Device 17 (parallelism) in Literary Devices Workbook and use it within the paragraph.  Examine your OPTIC Journal; start with your conclusions and write an OCI Paragraph that develops your case.