LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Read this definition of noir.  After watching the movie Collateral, do two things in this blog: 

  1. Explain how Collateral fits/does not fit the Noir Category
  2. Explain, in paragraph form, what makes this movie work (it’s the start of being a critic) by doing the following:

       Summary of the Plot — What one word describes the plot (that should be your

       Filming Techniques (lighting, camera angles) 

       Emotional Impact (mood/tone)

       Crisis (what keeps the plot moving)

       Theme (lessons the movie teaches)

       Opinion (who* would you recommend watch this movie)

     Movies are made to tell a story.  The point of a critic (which you will be over the next few weeks) is to place that story in the right category.  Who can gain from this movie; what does it lend.  This more than stating your opinion (mostly, opinions don’t work for everyone, but suggestions do). 

* Notice this does not say “Should people watch this . . .”