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Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

How We Tell Stories – Reading for History

      Fiction is desire.  For college purposes, reading a text has to happen at two levels: textually (what can be seen) and subtextually (the puzzle that makes a work more fully human). If you understand what the character wants, you will understand subtext better than you ever have before. When it comes to character, you should understand two things:

  1. Text = Every character wants something
  2. Subtext = how your character gets/does not get what they want

     Therefore, read the following story, Roman Fever.  As you do, pay attention to the behaviors of the ladies.  Each of them represents something about the modern era.  After reading, in a brief 3-C Response, answer the following prompt:

“What is the Monster here, and what do their behaviors tell you about the Modern Era?”