LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Satire — A Moral Stance?

Deconstruction starts with our ability to see things differently than they were originally intended.  Below you will find three texts (Click on each to read): 

Satire means _____________ and it teaches us ___________.  For example, in Briar Rose, we hear _______________.  Every story is told for a reason, and this story seems to _________________.  The Fractured Fairy Tale, however, _____________.  But satire also “__________________,” which the video demonstrates when . . .

After reading the texts, write a brief 3-C Response that answers the following prompt:

What does satire teach us about ourselves?

Incorporate evidence from each of the texts. (Hint: when you are given one text that defines a topic, use that text to define and use the other texts to classify the information (example below)