LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Picture This . . .

       In the space below, write a mise-en-scene on the picture above.  Obviously, you don’t have sound, and you may not remember this moment in the movie, but your writing should explain how this scene tells the story of the the movie as a whole, so keep that in mind as you write.


  • What is going on in the scene?
  • What is being emphasized?
  • What is being de-emphasized?

Shot Angle

  • What is the angle?
  • Why the angle?
  • Who is in control?
  • Where are you in the shot?
  • Why are you where are there?

Camera Movement

  • Name the shot
  • What is the story being told?


  • Name one action the dirctor uses and how it effects the scene?


  • What kind of lighting is being used?
  • What is the director saying without words?


  • Thinking about the sound track, what do you think this scene sounds like (diegetical or non-diegetical), and what effect does it have on the scene?
  • Whatever you choose, what effect do you think the opposite would have on the scene?

Aspect Ratio

  • Who is where in the scene, and why?
  • How does the director use space and to what effect?