LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

For this blog, you will need to evaluate two texts — sort of connected, sort of not — and write an inductive (answer coming last) argumentative response (They Say/I Say):

Thinking of your archetype, and thinking of the times in which we live, answer the following prompt:

What is your Narrative, and what are the factors that fuel it?

As you write, keep a conversation going between your perspective and the text.  Work on embedding your citations (where you evaluate the speakers opinion with a phrase containing a tone word, you summarize their perspectives, and you use the quotations that help make your point).

Chung’s defensive article comes to the rescue of “the defenseless class” of rural voters who . . . 

By the end, you should have given a full picture of both articles — I should know, comprehensively, what the author says: beginning, middle, end.