LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Chris McCandless – Wild Stuff?

We write, essentially, for three purposes

  • Inform – Relay the Facts
  • Argue – Make a Case
  • Entertain – Find the contrasts, amusements, ironies in every day life

For this assignment, write an article that achieves the purposes above, and write a response to the following prompt:

Why did Chris McCandless go into the woods, and what did he find?

Paragraph shold have 3 details from the story, three cause and effect statements related to those details, and three personal reactions from you.  For each paragraph, your purpose should be clear, and your voice should reflect that purpose:

  • Inform – Formal, Factual (Straight)
  • Argue – Descriptive, Intense (Feature)
  • Entertain – Comparative (finding the inconsistencies in the story) – Editorial