LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

     “We all do it the same/We all do it the same way . . . ” says Dave Matthews in his song Ants Marching.

     Moshin Hamid understands America; he sees what Americans have understood about themselves from the very beginning: that hard work and determination define how we see ourselves.  This allows him to create several motifs throughout his novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist.  For us, though, his observations may hurt a little bit because Changez, a politically charged Muslim, rejects them.

      Here is Dave Matthews song (sorry, I’m sure there are better ones out there, but I stopped listening to popular music around 1997), Ants Marching.  Click it and read the lyrics. Then listen to the song below — hear the tone, here the voice inflections, and gather an overall impression (a tone word) — like we did with the bubble graph a few weeks ago.  

      In response, using your Literary Composition Notes, write a scene (using textual and subtextual elements) that answers the question: 

“What are these guys saying, and who should we listen to: Matthews or Changez?”

Hint: this involves creativity — it’s not just an answer to the prompt; it’s as if it comes from a novel itself.

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