LC English Lab

I’m Not Just Some Lady

     This picture shows the author thinks that women are weak and they need to be rescued.  Looking first at the woman, she has pale skin and nice clothes; she looks like someone who lives in a nice castle, and has never worked in her life.  She is chained to the dragon, which suggests that she has been punished for some reason — maybe she wanted to do something on her own, maybe its a metaphor for women being like animals.  Look at the dragon, too: for as big as he is, he seems pretty weak to be chained to woman and not eat her.  Not a speck of dust on her — wouldn’t a wild animal tear someone like her apart?  And the knight, of course: he’s riding on his white horse in his shining armor.  The dragon is impaled with his spear — no fight, no blood on his white horse, no mess on the lady’s dress.  Everything looks so peaceful, like it was supposed to happen that way.  The author shows that women are simply there to be saved.  They don’t have weapons — they are just chained to whatever punishment someone has decided for them.  In the same way, the Prince doesn’t seem too interested in her; he’s just doing his job, like good princes do.  It’s a battle people fight all the time these days: feminists say men should not hold doors for them, or treat them like something special; they want to be treated like men.  The picture is a fight of the old world versus the new one, when everyone had defined roles, and life was supposed to be simple, even though what you see is not always what you get.