LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

       Below you will see an outline for the first major plot we will study — Overcoming the Monster.  Using the movie Spectre, outline the plot according to the different elements below:

I.               Overcoming the Monstert

        A.     Superhuman “evil” exists that must be eliminated

                                                        i.     Form of giant or witch

                                                      ii.     Form of ravaging animal

                                                     iii.     Could take the form of both

         B.     Threatens the general peace of town village or world

                                                        i.     Reward may be great prizes

                                                      ii.     Reward may be a princess

         C.     Hero must confront the Monster

                                                        i.     Generally armed with some “magical” weapons

                                                      ii.     Generally happens near monster’s lair (cave, forest, castle, lake)

                                                     iii.     Generally happens against great odds against success

         D.     Destruction seems inevitable

                                                        i.     When the hero narrowly escapes death

                                                      ii.     Monster is slain

         E.     Universal peace restored