LC English Lab

Who Are You?

       The most important element we will cultivate will be your ability to use a metaphor: seeing a truth and capturing it in the form of a symbol.  At this point, you have read one book that deals with both success and failure.  Since we are all new to each other, I would like you, in the form of a letter, to tell me something about yourself.

     Using the e-mail section below, write me a letter and tell me who you are and the symbol that best reflects you.  Tell me your successes, tell me your failures.  Choose for yourself a metaphor (an object or person from the books that represents your perspective on the world). 

     Make sure you write in letter form and sign it. 

     Note: in “e-mail” section, put your own e-mail — this will allow you to keep your assignments in the event that I lose one (also, it helps me prove you didn’t do one when you say you did — date/time stamps are the best!)