LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English


In class, we have studied: shots, angles, movement, framing, and lighting.  A Mise-en-Scene takes a picture from a movie and asks you to examine how all of these elements work within ONE SCENE to tell the whole story.  Using the notes you got in class, and the outline below, write a Mise-en-Scene Work-up over ONE OF THE PICTURES below from the television series Sneaky Pete (Amazon Prime)

Aspect Ratio —

  • Explain how the picture is framed using the terms from the Axial Gride

Overview — 

  • Brief paragraph explaining what is going on in this scene.  What is the director emphasizing, what are they deemphasizing, and why?

Shot Angle —

  • Sentence explaining angle
  • Who is in control of this scene (how do you know)
  • Where are YOU in this scene?
  • Why are you there?

Camera Movement

  • What kind of movement (as you remember it): dolly shot, trucking shot, boom shoot, pan?
  • What is being told in this scene, and how would it be different if the director used a different strategy?


  • What kind of lighting is being used?
  • What is director saying without using words?
  • If another kind was used, what would the effect be?

Focus —

  • Name one action the director uses here, and how does it add to the story being told?