LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Know Thyself:

     Tonight you are going to read Act I of Everyman, a Medieval Play about a common journey (should take about a half-hour).  Literarily speaking, an Everyman is the “guy next door”, the likeable guy nobody notices.  He’s got a competent job, he’s got friends, he’s got a respectable personality.  He’s the straightman to everyone else.

      This play is not so much about that kind of guy.  Instead, it’s about a common journey and common temptations.  In a way, it’s much like the book of Job: a man has to take an accounting of his life, and he comes to very definite conclusions. After reading, write as if you are Everyman; write as if it is a journal entry written after his journey.  Though you are thinking about him, think about yourself, as well:

What lessons did he learn?

Who was he at the beginning vs the end?

If this were your journey, how would you feel at the end?

     Within the entry, make reference to the different characters he encounters (not all of them — just the ones that make the biggest impression).  This is a First-Person Account: don’t tell me what he did, tell me how the experiences shapes him.