LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Acts of Inquiry, University of Washington, 2013

” . . . is broad at the top and pointed at the base.  It begins with a general statement of the topic and then narrows its focus, ending with the point of the paragraph, the writer’s thesis.”

Back to the Basics

      The most basic of Intros, we teach the Inverted Pyramid to Freshman in High School.  As much as many of you say, “We did this last year, and absolutely detest repetition, this is exactly what most of you ask for when you say, “What do you want?”  You are looking for an easy formula to knock out an essay as easy as you can.  This is it — and that is why this might be your only exercise in using it.


  1. Read Identifying Issues and Forming Questions (AOI 137-145)
  2. Look at the Example of the Inverted Pyramid
  3. In the box below, write an Inverted Pyramid Introduction in order to classify how your reader will understand Consumerism