LC English Lab

     In 2008, (then) presidential candidate Barak Obama said the United States had three legs of influence: political/diplomatic, economic, and military.  Below you will see three articles that touch on the philosophical nature of each.  

      After each article, on a separate sheet of paper (to be handed in) write a brief abstract (a short, dense, summary of the article — 3 total). Then, in an organized Deductive Response Paragraph, synthesize the information in these sources to defend, challenge, and qualify your argument that answers the question: “Which of the three legs of influence exerts the most authority in the world today?”*

     Before doing this, do Exercise 1 of  Device 8 Section in Literary Devices Workbook use it for the details of your paragraph – CAPITALIZE.

*This response might best be used for the Synthesis Response on the AP Exam