LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

     Demonstrative writing means “writing in the present”.

     If you have ever seen CSI (or any crime show), you will see detectives examine “Forensic” evidence (information from the past), they go over that evidence to Demonstrate their case, and they then build a case by tying information together in a “Deliberative” way.

     To use the terms we have used in class: Expository Writing (exposing details) are forensic.  We use those details (explanation) to Demonstrate why the details matter now (cause and effect).  Then we Deliberatively draw conclusions to discuss the implications of your case (theme/tone)


Answer this question, then write a Demonstrative Response (Arguing the Present): Is this player any good?  Write this as a feature in a dialectical way.  You will not be able to do this without using Forensic evidence, and your examination won’t be significant unless you deliberately attempt to discuss the future.

Before doing this, do Device 21 Section in Literary Devices Workbook and utilize it in your writing.  When you use this device, WRITE THE SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS — that will show me you understand the concept.