LC English Lab

Word Became Flesh: Archetypes & Synthesis

     Stories are the backbone of culture.  We tell stories to our children at bedtime, who tell them to their children at bedtime, and, sooner or later, we become a compilation of our stories.  Our heroes look a cetain way, we start to see certain behaviors as villainous, and we start to project our fears and failures onto the world, based on the stories we have chosen to believe.

      In this unit, we will start to look at our stories — the stories we tell, the stories we believe, the stories others want us to believe.  In doing so, we will, hopefully, uncover some of the assumptions we carry with us, and we will locate some of the organizations and people who want us to believe it.

      What is our culture?  We will look at TV, movies, advertising, music, and online media to see who is telling our stories.  As we look, you will get to play with the process because, as you will find, “everything is an argument,” and you can train your eyes to see which arguments you want to believe.