LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

As we study visual appeals, you will need to know a couple important literary terms:

  • Irony – Situation doesn’t match tone (a mechanic’s car doesn’t work)
  • Satire – Cultural hyperbole/litotes to expose inconsitencies (a mechanic pushes his car to work)
  • Parody – Mimicking style or techniques of a genre (a guy runs his insurance agency like an auto shop)
  • Inflation – Real life situation blown out of proportion (mechanic fights with guys in shop over who won’t fix his car)


     Look at the picture above.  

     Complete Device 30 Section (Anaphora/Epistrophe/Symbloce) – – underline the portion in your paragraph that uses the device.

     Write a response to the two prompts below.  

                   — In the first, use first-person invective (name calling rant) incorporating Anaphora .

                   — In the second, use a third-person inflation incorporating Epistrophe


  1. Finish the following statement: “They never take us seriously . . .” (perspective of the OWS crowd)
  2. Finish the following statement: “What a bunch of hypocrites . . .” (perspective of cameraman)