LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Below you see an annotation of a script:

As we discussed in class, there are two different types of plotting:

  • Linear — tells the story from beginning to end (Speed)
  • Delineated — tells the story from different perspectives (Vantage Point)

And, at this point, we have discussed TWO Basic Plot: Overcoming the Monster, Voyaga and Return.

Knowing what you do about shots, scenes, plots, and storytelling, write a one page script, formatted like the one above (with dialogue), three different ways:

  • Linear Action Adventure Overcoming the Monster (picture #1)
  • Linear Superhero Drama Voyage and Return (picture #1)
  • Delineated Noir Overcoming the Monster (Picture #2 — will require more than one page)

Do the Assignment on Google Docs and share to