LC English Lab

Week 1 – Who Are You? (Empathy – Pathos)

     We are all products of culture, Western Culture.  Our goal in this class is to pull back the layers of that culture and help you see Who You Are, Where You Came From, and Where You Are Going?  We will do this by examining our history, traditions, philosophical foundations, and (more than anything) our decision making.  This week, we will start our talk on Ethics — how we do what we do, and why . . .

Week 2 –  Why Are You Here? (Reason – Logos)

     Do you know what you believe? Great.  Do you know what others think?  Even better.  Good writers know their argument, they know the voices involved in the argument, and they present both sides before they give the ultimate conclusion.  This week, we are going to start working on theory — examining our worldview through the lenses of others’.  We’re going to make you take a stand; It starts with claims — Beliefs — and moves toward conclusions — the Call to Action.  It’s a bit like a card game; you know where you are headed, but you do not want to tip your hand too soon.  It’s our first step toward moving you out of simplicity and toward sophistication.

Week 3  – Life in the Cave (Investigation – Ethos)

    This week we will be looking at ourselves through the lense of Plato’s Idealism.  We will be reading his work in light of our own foundational beliefs.  We will look at three specific world views (Greek, Hebrew, and Christian) as a foundation for future discussion related to ethical decision making. As we do, we will be integrating the multiple voices which will lead to your first Small Paper: Life in the Cave

Week 4 – Week 5: Writing

     Assumption is death to a writer.  If we assume our first idea is the best — if the first sentence we write is a masterpiece, and our first-draft our best –, we will find ourselves out-classed at every stage.  Writing is discipline, and discipline generally requires thinking about matters more than once.  This week we will be working with writing and re-writing.  We will watch a thought move from a first-draft/brainstorm to a finished product.  It will be the first trial of your finished portfolio; learn to do this, and you will take one step closer to becoming a good writer