LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

So, we have read about princesses and beauty, but Jungle Book is largely about men and boys.  Think about these characters:

  • Mowgli – The boy
  • Bagheera – The Panther
  • Baloo – The Bear
  • Colonel Hahti – The Elephant
  • Kaa – The Snake
  • The Buzzards 
  • Sheer Khan — The Tiger

Very quickly, think about their characteristics and write out their names with an adjective describes them, then finish with a MAJOR CLAIM (an one sentence argument that you intend to prove in a paper/paragraph).  These sentence should have three elements that this movie subtly claims about men (who they are or what they should be). Hint: think about the song at the end (the one the little village girl sings: “I’ll send her to fetch the water/I’ll be cooking in the home . . .”)

ExampleExamining the Jungle Books shows that men are. . . .