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When Will My Reflection Show . . .

Nothing stirs more emotion than the topic of Feminism.  For those not raised around it, the concept feels unfamiliar and more than a little pushy.  But, just because it makes us feel uncomfortable, does not mean it has nothing to say.  To use Plato’s language, being prisoners in a cave means we are sometimes dragged into a world we cannot see.

     Therefore, read tese two brief articles — Overview of Feminist Criticism,  Ranking Disney Feminists — then watch this video below.  

In the space provided, answer the Typical Questions from the Overview.  Answer them in your own words, explaining how you may/may not see things differently (and whether you think the feminists could be right — and why it could be important to see things from their perspective).

Finish with a 3-C (3 pieces of evidence from all your reading and viewing) that reflects on why someone thinks feminism is important.  The paragraph should start with the topic sentence: