LC English Lab

How They Hook You

Week 10 – Tell Me Who I Am

      Internet marketer — and professed ‘media manipulator’ — Ryan Holliday, in his book Trust Me: I’m Lying, talks about promoting voices that have fallen out of favor, and about this he says something interesting: “If {promoters} are {not willing to get out of their chair} . . . it makes it that much easier to create my own of reality.  I will come to them with the story.  I’ll meet them on their terms, but their story will be filled with my terms.”  

      This week we will look at the voices around us, and try to frame the parameters of your own self-perceptions by inventing a Straw Man Persona that you will learn to manipulate hereafter.

Week 11 and Week 12 – Making A Candidate

    In 1911, a writer for McClure’s Magazine, made an astute observation about reporters, saying “They see and hear only that which can create a sensation, and accordingly their report becomes not only a careless one, but hopelessly distorted.”  

       This week, we will try to  “create the sensation as you are introduced to the concept of Market Research.  You will do that research on your Straw Man Persona, taking into a account his stories and his influence.  You will find a market and sell to him.  Then you will turn him into a candidate, and see if you make him an elected official.