LC English Lab

Portfolio Requirements

     UW Requires all written assignments to be completed and revised according to the Course Outcomes for your Final Portfolio.  For this section, you will have:

3 Papers 

      SP. 1.1 – Thesis Writing

        SP 1.2 – Analysis Paper (Allegory of the Cave)

        SP 1.3 – Truth and Lies Paper 

           MP 1.1 – Situational Writing

Assessment Letter:

  1. 6 Paragraphs 
  2. Paragraph 1 – Demonstrate how the VOICE of all your papers is different, and explain why using the language of Outcome 1
  3. Paragraph 2-5 — Examine your MP 1.1 according to the Course Outcomes.  Will choose four different paragraphs to examine the four different outcomes.  Write a They Say/I Say Response (They = UW, I = your writing) to show how you accomplished the expectations.  
  4. Paragraph 6 – What these writing exercises have taught you: 

                   1) About the writing process, in general,  

                   2) Your writing process 

                             a) What you do well 

                             b) What you do not

                             c) Why you think that is the case