LC English Lab

Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

Words save lives.  The Bible says we will be judged by our words, and that the tongue is the rudder of a ship.  

As I set sail into new horizons, I could use your words.  I will need to build a profile for myself as I start looking for new work in education, and would like to keep a file from my students — to show myself once in a while and show prospective employers who may want to know how I interact with my students.  

Below you will find two letters I wrote for students over the years.  It’s completely optional, but if you would write a recommendation for me (that looks and is formatted like one of these) you will make my time at LC complete.  You can write it in the space below or you can print a hardcopy and give it to me directly.  I will put it in a notebook and use it when I need it: either as I am looking for a job, or as I am remembering my wonderful days teaching my students in my classroom.