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Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

        Below you will find 9 Candidates; these candidates have been created by our students as an exercise in persuasion.  Granted every election gives the voters time to consider, but we want to use all the tools at our disposal to create appeals, and we want your immediate (not your deeply considered) responses.  Your vote and your feedback are invaluable, so please give us your first, best reaction.  We recommend, as you watch, you take a few mental notes according to the following.  Students will be graded upon:

Technique (visual, written, audio-visual)

Symbol (representative picture)


Aural Effects (sound)


       Each candidate has 3 items we want you to consider: a Presidential Vitae, a Campaign Poster, and a Campaign Video.  Please take 15-20 minutes today to look at the candidates and their promotional material – you can click the arrows in the top corner to move from one candidate to the next.  After you have reviewed all the candidates, please return to this page, click the Election Survey (at the bottom of this page and at the bottom Candidate #9) and give us your feedback:

2018 Campaign Results:

Election Survey