LC English Lab

Fundamental Patriotism

     Patriotism drives the American Story, but what does Patriotism mean?

      This week we will be looking at Changez’s move toward fundamentalism.  As we do, pay close attention to what makes him into the person he becomes.  As you study your background material in the study packet, notice the material and ask yourself, “Is this alright?”  

     Formal writing wants demands you speak authoritatively, meaning you say things as if you understand completely.  To do so, you have to understand the larger concepts infused into a work (ideas, archetypes, themes) and the assumptions we use to understand ourselves.  If you only asked one question of a text, it should probably be “Is this perspective correct?

     Characters come and go; some you love, some you hate — that’s all by design.  However, if you can step back, look at the dynamics and evaluate the story the author is telling you, then you will have a leg up when you write and think for AP, for college, or for life.