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Mr Thomas — Lynden Christian High School English

The Universal Story:  What Makes it Work?

     The following two stories are different — they do not tell the same story, present the same message, or argue the same point.  However, they are — literarily speaking — the same.  As you read them, pay attention to characters, conflicts, and resolutions.  Then, in a comparative OCI paragraph, answer the prompt:

What makes these stories work?”

Story 1: Brer Rabbit

Story 2: Aesop

       As you write, use punctuation to stop and start your sentences — this will be an exercise in style. Try and use as much detail as you can — literary techniques, themes, settings, symbols.  It should not be too brief a paragraph:

Consider the Following:

colon — emphasizes a point

The stories are alike: they _________, they ___________, they _________

semi-colon- continues a related idea (moves from general to specific)

The stories are alike; they both make use of . . . 

dash — an aside (takes argument in another direction)

The stories are alike — though the characters differ — because they . . .

parenthesis – adds small bits of related information

The stories are the same (they both ________)