LC English Lab

The Dark Side

     Alfred Hitchcock changed movies forever.  Between he and Orson Welles, they changed the look and feel of the motion picture experience, moving it away from still shots to roving cameras with elaborate scenes.   

    In this unit, we will track the change in motion picture storytelling by looking at these two moving making legends.  In them, you will see the course of movie making change from action to suspense, from still scenes to elaborate settings, from conflict to psychological disruption.

   By the 1950’s crime novels, known as pulp fiction (for the cheap paper they were written on) was all the rage: dime store novels about cowboys, detectives, and romance.  So, while Hitchcock was perfecting the psychological drama, other directors were turning their sights one Noir; they turned down the lights, turned their focus toward human darkness, and filmed using techniques that appropriately dealt with the (then) hardcore drama found in dimestore novels.