LC English Lab

This is Final

     Coming into the last quarter of AP, we need to focus on the skills required to succeed on the AP Test.  To this point, you have learned everything you need to know, and now it is time to put it together.

     These coming weeks, we will focus on refamiliarizing you with old terms, sharpening up your writing styles, finding methods that work best, enriching your “global perspective” and building your confidence as you approach the AP Exam. 

     This will all culminate (great AP word — look it up) with an AP Practice Test (attendance required) one week before the Exam during Thursday Long Period.  The test will start at 7 am in Mr Thomas’ room and it will go for 3-hours and 15-minutes (though you may leave when you are finished). This will help you build some strategies for time-management.  It will also give you some indication of your strengths and weaknesses.  Because the essays will be graded by three different people, it will also give you some idea about your preparedness.