LC English Lab

     Below you will see the plotline for the movie Cinderella Man. The problem in the movie is not necessarily an enemy or a dark force, but many problems all at once.  Think about the movie and explain how this outline compares and contrast to this plot.  As you write the outline, if the information compares start your heading out with the word “Compare” and explain why.  If not, “Contrast” and explain why.


      A. Basic Format

          a. Contrast – Jim Braddoch is introdced in adulthood

                 1. Contrast – Braddoch is living in a nice house 

1. REWRITE OUTLINE: according to Cinderella Man

I.               Rags to Riches

     A.     Basic Format

             a.     Hero/Heroine introduced in childhood

                      i.     Living in lowly conditions (poor, isolated)

                     ii.     Considered lowly and, as of yet, unformed socially, physically

             b.     Live in the shadows of “Dark Figure”

                      i.     Adult figures acting as parents

                     ii.     Antagonists close in age

                    iii.     Both are scornful, hard-hearted, or blind

              c.     “Dark vs. Light”

                      i.     Light character is always essentially good

                     ii.     Light character is generally static – stays the same throughout the story

                    iii.     Dark figures made uneasy by Light, or they disappear in the story

              d.     Transformation

                      i.     Move from inward beauty to outward beauty

                     ii.     Meet a complimentary figure (male, female)

                    iii.     Inherit some sort of “Kingdom”

              e.     Basic Crisis

                      i.     Low-born follows a Call – “newly discovered power/purpose”

                      ii.     Initial Success: outward completion – money, wealth, power, fame

                     iii.     Central Crisis: New (unforeseen crisis) with Dark Figure arises

                      iv.     Hero/Heroine overcomes crisis/achieves maturity/independence