LC English Lab

You have mapped some of the details related to The Tyrant (House, Episode 3, Season 6).  As you mapped, you hopefully have seen that the world is not always so black and white.  This assignment asks you to write about the Ethical considerations made in The Tyrant, and it has two parts:

Part I:

   Using your notes from class, write a brief bullet-pointed list of the different decision making models in the story.  If someone changed, make sure you note that in the abstract.  If they stayed the same, make mention of how their opinion impacts the plot:

  • House (the guy with the cane)
  • Cuddy (director of hospital)
  • Foreman (black doctor)
  • Chase (Australian guy)
  • Cameron (Chase’s Wife)
  • Dubala (The Dictator)

Part II:

Assignment: They Say/I Say (Argumentative) Paragraph:

      Write a They Say/I Say comparing and contrasting two perspectives from the show (House and Foreman, Chase and Cameron, Cutty and Chase).  

   1. Determine the Ethical Perspective used to make their final decision (Moral, Virtue, Outcomes, Principles, Care).

   2. Explain (without using first-person) why you agree/disagree with them.

EX: “Cutty is right to demand her doctors treat the patient.  She has an ethical responsibility to the hospital,   and she is merely doing her duty.”

    3.Give both sides of each opinion (good place to practice transitions)

EX: “Cutty’s opinion, though correct, comes with some risk; she may save the patient, but she will have to live with the consequences of . . .”

The paragraph will be a little longer than most.  It should use transitions, and it should use details from the story (no generalizations, i.e. “Cutty’s decisions will have consequences” (No kidding, don’t all decisions have consequences?  Tell me what they will be).

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