LC English Lab

Transformations — Warrants

     The term Warrants means (essentially) “Call to Action” and it is central to a good argument.

      If argumentation works well, it should change someone’s mind, so, in class, we did an exercise and asked “Where are you starting on the issue of lying?” then “Where did you wind up?”  

                                 1. What was your initial opinion about the subject?

                                 2. Which argument initially initially persuaded you?

                                 3. Which argument did you finally wind up standing for?

                                 4. What is your one question about this ethical decision?

                                 5. What did this process tell me about myself?

      Argumentation is about transformation and self-examination.  Therefore, write what you discovered — not about the issue, but about yourself.  Explain where you wound up, what our ethical perspective proved to be, and how that aligns with your assumptions about yourself.