UW in the Classroom

  • Mook — Dumb act, gains his identity from other people
  • Goon — Strongman, dumb, generally quiet, poses the threat
  • The Lovable Loser — The otherwise repellant character who exhibits redeeming qualities.  Takes a few different forms:
    • Stooge — 1/2 witted sidekick who finds himself in trouble the straightman needs to solve
    • Tramp — An undesirable loner who offers insight and street-smart wisdom from the outside
    • Drunk — The bumbling character who asks the deep questions the characters need to answer
    • Scared Cat — Neurotic, jumpy, OCD: makes the audience awared of the lurking danger, but most cries wolf
  • Straight Man — The common, stable character who solves the problems, gets the girl, and watches over the stooge
  • Rogue — Opposition to the straight man who exhibits all the qualities of a romantic lead, but does so for selfish gain