UW in the Classroom

UW asks that Portfolio be worth 70% of your final grade.  For those of you who are pursuing UW CREDIT you MUST complete all assignments, and each assignmnent (and revisions) MUST be present present in your Final Portfolio in order to get UW Credit.  Note: you can still pass the class, but you cannot get UW Credit if you do not complete UW expectations.

3.7 – 4 – Outstanding

Highly proficient demonstration of course outcomes, takes risks, shows creativity

3.1- 3.6 – Strong

Proficient demonstration of course outcomes , which will be made better with revision

3.0 – 2.5 – Good

Effective demonstration of course outcomes, but requires revision for more sophistication

2.4 – 2.0 – Acceptable

Minimal demonstration of course outcomes; not well controlled or effective; requires significant revision.

1.9 – 1.0 – Inadequate

Does not meet outcome requirements; needs complete revision

0.9 – 0.0 – Incomplete

Does not meet assignment expectations.