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Lying in the Shadows:

This assignment has two parts:

Part I:

Using the literary school you focused on last week, analyze Mulan 

Part II:

Using your classroom notes and Christopher Booker’s Overcoming the Monster Plot write a 3-C Analytical Response to the following prompt:

The audience first meets, “dark force over the land” (Booker) when Mulan . . . (Mulan).  Later, when Mulan discovers . . . she starts to feel “ . . . a more violent contraction” (Booker) as . . .  Still, she continues to fight “the inestimable darkness” as she fights for her freadom against . . .

What/Who is the Monster in Mulan?

The best analytical writing gives a one-two punch:definition and textual evidence.  As you write your response, walk the reader through your assignment — beginning, middle, and end — using the plot’s definitions and terms.

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