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Contained — Reading for Theme/Form

     Satire is a comical (most exagerrated) examination of culture (our behaviors, our beliefs, our art, our music). Think The Simpson, Saturday Night Live or Key and Peele; these shows don’t survive unless the viewer understands the circumstances (archetypes) from which they spring (school, sports, work, family).  

      Naturally, then, the rise of the modern city gave rise to any number of social concerns, the greatest being grinding poverty among women and children.

     Now, a person can stand on a corner and shout: “End Poverty Now!” or they can take another course.  As you read this next story, Jonathan’s Swift’s A Modest Proposal, think of the city in terms of the information you have encountered in class.   Then, in a 3-C, answer the following prompt:

“How do Swift’s words and use of imagery help to establish his tone?”

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