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     Whereas the 50’s had its suits, penny loafers, and khakis all filmed in black and white, the 1960’s came alive in color.  Today in class, we saw a glimpse of Convergence Culture, the idea that TV not only promotes values, but also commercial appeals for clothing, style, music, and attitude.  

      Thinking about the shows you watched today The Monkeys (1965) and The Mod Squad (1970), read the articles below:

Convergence Culture – Jenkins (2006)

TV Counterculture – Bindas and Heineman

     Then, using a classic rhetorical argument, that starts with the following claim:

“At the point that TV sees itself as _______________________, . . .

     Try and include information from yesterday’s blog and your Pop Culture reading — build on your understanding of TV as an anthropological experiment.  Make your point clearly, but not without mentioning all sides of the issue.

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