UW in the Classroom

Why We Tell Stories

     This week we will be working on assumptions in storytelling; we will examine patriotism and the American Spirit over and above the life of Changez.  

     As we work through The Reluctant Fundamentalist, we will be looking at how our understanding of Islam, of events surrounding 911, and our conception of life in the Middle East create a fertile soil for Hamid’s novel.

     As we work through our own conception of patriotism — looking at the National Anthem and discussing the identity we gain from it –, we will move to a vitally important topic: MYTHOS, the collective story of a nation.  As we unpack American MYTHOS, we will come to see how authors, poets, and writers use our self-identity for us and against us to create conflict and intrigue that keep us reading.

    We will look for your own personal mythos in an effort to define your sense of patriotism and your obligation to contemporary American MYTHOS.  You will be making an argument for your emblems, the signs and symbols of your identity, the music you would use to redefine how we, as Americans, see ourselves.